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Soulshine and Coffee

Let's talk about where you are & where you WANT to be.

  • 30 min

Description du service

If you're thinking about hiring a Life Coach - That's great! I'm excited to hear more about why that's the case, and what you expect from the experience. Plus I'll share more about who I am and what I do. Here are some things we might discuss during our call: •Where in your life are you 1) unhappy, 2) discontent, or 3) worried/anxious/overthinking? •How do you feel about your current personal boundaries? Are they supporting the best version of you? •How KIND are you with yourself? One of my favorite facts is this - The biggest difference between Self Esteem and Grounded Confidence is how much you listen to your INNER CRITIC. It's nuggets like these that will change the game of..... well, LIFE. •How much self-trust do you have? How much do you trust others? A higher power (whatever that looks like for you)? The process? •Is confidence easy for you to tap into? Or do you feel like whatever you do, confidence always seems to evade you? (P.S. I have TOOLS to address this) •Why are you here? On this call? On this planet? Exploring what could be different for you? Feeling the feelings you do? WHY is one of the most important elements to everything we'll talk about - today AND moving forward. •Do you want Joy? Ease? To live authentically? To live on purpose WITH purpose? If the answer (to any of these) is yes - Are you willing to put in the effort and invest in yourself to curate more of those things in your life? We'll also talk about the financial piece of things (cost of services, what you're able and/or willing to invest). There's no right place to be, financially. Your choice to invest depends on what you value, and what you can afford. (Wanna hear something amazing?!? - MANY of the clients I work with end up EARNING more within a year because they start to believe in themselves, what they're doing, and what's possible on a DEEPER level, and advocate for themselves. That could be you!) *Please note - Consultations are virtual by default (via zoom). Exceptions are made only with explicit permission from Rebecca at least 48 hours prior to the consultation.

Politique d'annulation

Cancellation of an appointment must be done 24 hours or more prior to the original appointment. There will be no refunds for cancellations within a 24 hour period and no refunds for missed appointments.



Grandville, Michigan 3632 Canal Avenue Southwest, Grandville, MI, USA

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